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    4 star review  I was excited to come here because the flamingo locations food is amazing but this new spot was closer to my home. Honestly, im not mad that it happened but was annoyed that I missed part of the football game on Monday. so I placed an order online and gave it about 20 minutes before I got there only to tell me that my order wasn't in their system. I had the confirmation number and im guessing they called thr main store because there was no issue afterwards. I did have to wait for my order to be made and by then already missed the 3rd quarter of the game and time I got home , the game was over. so, before opening up a new branch, please test out all your systems to avoid this from happening again. lot of people order online and it's a huge bummer being told your order isn't found or isn't even made even though the confirmation is in hand. anyway, pizza was still good, pretty much identical to the one on flamingo location. I just ordered a cheese pizza and some garlic bread, nothing special this time around. staff were nice and apologetic, I'll end up ordering here again just out of convenience but will call ahead to make sure they got my order until their online ordering system is corrected.

    thumb Kate

    5 star review  Went in and order lunch special for the family great food great price will be back

    thumb Christopher Smith

    4 star review  I am picky about my pizza. Brothers has good deals and great pizza. Definitely my go to!

    thumb Monica Arce

    5 star review  Definitely a tiktok made me do it option and I'm glad I came. So this location is 30 minutes away but I looked them up and at the time it was closest to me from where I was at the time. Very nice and clean location I can't speak for the rest so far but inside it's not that big but they can definitely serve you right. I was greeted and even though I was a first timer I felt like a regular. They have a pick up special for a large at 8.99 and who can decline that. The pizza looked so cheesy in a good way and I decided to drive it home for the kids. By the time I made it home the pizza still looked amazing and it tasted so good I was glad to have made it in. My youngest already asked if I can get it again. I can't wait to experience the gigantic 36 inch pizza

    thumb Miser Wiserk

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